I've made the decision not to show ads on my blog. I know that I hate it when I go to a website or blog and am immediately inundated with advertisements, before the actual content I came for has loaded, and I want to make sure that my blog doesn't turn out like that.

I know that there are some ways that I could advertise on my site in a way that isn't completely overbearing, but honestly, I'd rather just forego ads entirely. In the future, I may look into sponsored posts, but traditional page ads are out of the question.

That's why I've made this page. This blog doesn't cost me much to run, but I think it would be awesome if you thought highly enough of my content to decide to donate a bit of money to me for it.

The form below uses Stripe Checkout, the easiest way I could find to quickly and easily set up a donation button. If you'd prefer to reach out to me directly regarding another method, feel free to email